Universal-Fastening Set 8, all-steel
The reinforced version of Universal-Fastening Set 8 with a Universal Fastener made from cast stainless steel.

Vibration-proof and temperature-resistant
Particularly suitable for profile connections that are subject to vibration or temperature fluctuations.

Bright zinc-plated version for high loads
Screw and T-Slot Nut made of high-strength bright zinc-plated steel permit higher tightening torques than the stainless-steel version for a lasting stable connection.

Stainless-steel version for special applications
A fully stainless steel version (screw and T-Slot Nut) is also available for use outdoors or in clean-room areas.

Profile connections with Universal-Fastening Set 8 St can be retrofitted into existing structures.
Universal-Fastening Sets should always be used in pairs