T-Slot Slider 8 80×40 is guided by the groove of Profile 8 to form a robust slide with slide bearing.
Slide inserts made of free-running plastic enable low-wear linear motion without the additional use of lubricants. The slide body made of stable die-cast zinc gently transfers the load into the profile groove.
The T-Slot Slider can also be used under difficult ambient conditions (dust, humidity).
The enclosed M6 nuts can be used to secure attachments to the slide.

T-Slot Slider 8 80x40, Fastening Set Floating Bearing - 0.0.619.53

  • Button-Head Screw M5x25, St, bright zinc-plated
  • T-Slot Nut V 8 St M5, bright zinc-plated
  • O-ring 5×1.2