• 2 fastener halves, die-cast aluminum, natural
  • Hexagon Socket Head Cap Screw DIN 912-M6x29.4, St, bright zinc-plated
  • Hexagon nut DIN 934-M6, St, bright zinc-plated
  • Compression spring, St, stainless


A fastener with a firm grip. Transverse Fastener D30 connects two Profile Tubes at a 90° angle to each other. The two-part fastener enables users to connect together Profile Tubes without disassembly. Simply clamp the Transverse Fastener onto both Profile Tubes and then tighten it. The tightened fastener holds the Profile Tubes together and the mechanically locked connection provides added support for the load-carrying profile fastener.

Using Transverse Fastener D30 on two Tubes D30 with Tube Adapter D30.
Profile Tubes D30 are connected with a gap of 19 mm. When using Tube Adapter D30, this gap increases by 5.5 mm on each side.