Light, quiet and high-performance!
Linear Unit GSF 8 40 R10 is an efficient turnkey system with minimal space requirements. This economic Linear Unit uses only a few components to deliver maximum performance. For example, the slide uses a Line 8 groove on the support profile as its guide. It runs without lubricants on a wear-resistant sliding shoe.
The Drive Unit and Reverse Unit feature an exceptionally compact design. The tensioning device for the Timing Belt is integrated into the Reverse Unit. Its ball-bearing mounted pulleys ensure quiet and smooth running over long-term use. The Timing Belt is routed back through the profile groove.
The compact dimensions and maintenance-free design make Linear Unit GSF 8 40 R10 an exceptionally efficient solution. It is ideal for applications that require the movement of low loads. Thanks to the practical hollow shaft, an expanding hub coupling can be installed on the right or left, as appropriate to the installation.
Note: Linear Unit GSF 8 40 R10 is supplied ready for installation as a turnkey system in the desired stroke length. The components can also be ordered separately and assembled to form customized units.