For keeping things on the straight and level:
Transport trolleys with four Swivel Castors are easy to maneuver by hand, but are difficult to control when being towed in a train. To solve this problem, one pair of Castors has to be fixed to run straight ahead only. This can be achieved using the optional Swivel Lock for Swivel Castors D100, D125, D160 and D200 with a 140×110 connecting plate. It temporarily converts a Swivel Castor into a Fixed Castor. Consequently, users benefit from the advantages of both concepts.
The Swivel Locks are easy to operate by foot, with no need for bending over. The locking mechanism stops the Swivel Castor from rotating out of line. As a result, operators can use a Draw-bar to couple a transport trolley to a tugger train and move it around safely. When uncoupling the trolley, simply release the Swivel Lock and the trolley can once again be maneuvered in all directions in the tightest of spaces.
item supplies Swivel Locks for Castors of various sizes. Swivel Lock D100/D125 and Swivel Lock D160/D200 are available.

Swivel Lock for Castor D160/D200 swivel 140x110 - 0.0.670.48

  • Swivel Lock for Castor D160/D200 swivel 140×110, St, bright zinc-plated
  • 2 Button-Head Screws ISO 7380-M8x20, St, bright zinc-plated
  • 2 washers ISO 7093-2 -8- 200 HV, bright zinc-plated

Swivel Locks cannot be fitted to a Swivel Castor with double-brake.
They cannot be fitted to Castors with the narrow integrated 120×40 connecting plate either.