Helping you keep all your small parts in reach! The versatile Container Profile D30 is used to organize semi-open fronted boxes with mounting lugs. Thanks to two different edge thicknesses, a Line 8 groove and the option of mounting it in two different angles, Container Profile D30 is well prepared for all purposes and systems.
In manual production, screws, nuts and other small parts are stored in semi-open fronted boxes from a wide range of suppliers. Using their mounting lugs, these containers can simply be hung on the Container Profile and then removed again as necessary. The aluminum edges ensure a secure hold. Containers of C-parts can thus be moved around securely in transport trolleys.
To ensure small parts can be picked ergonomically, Container Profile D30 can be installed at a 90° angle or with a 15° incline. The profile is connected at the rear, e.g. using a space-saving Transverse Fastener D30.
The groove on the front is best used for accommodating item Parts Containers, Grab Containers and other accessories.
Cap Set, Container Profile D30 seals off the end face of the profile cleanly and safely.

Container Profile D30, natural - 0.0.677.80