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Compact Pivot Bearing Set D30-28.5 M8 enables Karakuri/LCA/low-cost automation applications using light transported goods and is strong and very quiet.
The pivot bearing is fastened to the end face of a (Profile) Tube D30 using a Threaded Insert and to a Fastener D30. This ensures the profile can be rotated around its longitudinal axis. As the outside is left free, you can also build very compact axes of rotation with other connections.
The Pivot Bearing Set comprises a fixed and a floating bearing with 2 mm of length compensation. This ensures axial loads can be accommodated and compensates for any expansion in the shaft caused by heat, without compromising precision. The ball-bearing mounted pivot bearing is easy running and exhibits low friction.
If only one bearing position is required or if very high loads occur, it is advisable to use Double Pivot Bearing Unit D30-28.5 M8. This features two ball bearings. Consequently, it can accommodate higher forces for rotating motions. As a fixed bearing, Double Pivot Bearing Unit D30 exhibits no play in the case of axial load.
item pivot bearings are maintenance-free and run very smoothly and quietly. They can also be fitted to profiles from the MB Building Kit System using T-Slot Nuts or a thread in a core bore.
Note: To build structures that allow both rotation and movement along an axis, use item Plain Bearings D30.

Pivot Bearing Set D30-28.5 M8 - 0.0.683.99

  • Bearing Unit D30-28.5 M8, floating bearing, Al, St, bright zinc-plated
  • Bearing Unit D30-28.5 M8, fixed bearing, Al, St, bright zinc-plated