More control with less force!
This pivoting Bar is a core element of Release Unit D30 for automatic loading and unloading with shooters. The new Release Unit D30 Bar T2 features smooth-running ball and needle bearings, meaning lower actuation forces are required than with Release Unit D30 Bar T1.
The complex bearing system boosts process reliability. The Release Unit remains easy to actuate, even when the Bar is exposed to axial pressure from heavy containers. A coupling rod can be used to actuate multiple levers at once. The torques generated by bearing friction remain consistent throughout the product’s service life. The same applies to the low bearing play.
This makes Release Unit D30 Bar T2 the perfect choice when containers need to be released with the application of minimal force. Release Unit D30 comprises several components such as an Actuator Roller, Ramp and Spring-Loaded Reset Device, all of which can be combined to suit particular needs. This means the Bar can also be used for other latching functions.

Release Unit D30 Bar T2 - 0.0.692.07

  • Bar, St, bright zinc-plated
  • 4 Caps D30/D6, St, stainless
  • 2 sleeves D8/D6, Al
  • 2 deep groove ball bearings 628, St
  • 4 axial needle cages AXK1226, St
  • 4 axial thrust washers AS1226, St