Bowden Cable D1.5 is a robust steel cable.
Wire Cable Clamp D2 M3x8, End Cap D6/D5-12, Cable Barrel Clamp D7/D2-7 M4 and Thimble D7/D2 can be attached to the cable pull to create a mechanical actuation mechanism.
Ferrule D2-7, which is pressed into place using Ferrule Crimper D2, holds the end of the cable securely in place.
Use Bowden Cable Sheathing D5/D1.5 to cover Bowden Cable D1.5 and route it where necessary.
The coated plastic sheathing must be used to ensure the actuation mechanism functions correctly.

Each design is also available in an ESD-safe variant.Cable Barrel Clamp D7/D2-7 M4 - 0.0.692.48