• Fastener, stainless steel
  • Countersunk Screw DIN 7991-M6x20, St
  • Hexagon Socket Head Cap Screw DIN 7984-M6x14, St
  • Spacer sleeve, POM, black
  • T-Slot Nut 8 St M6

Direct-Fastening Set 8, bright zinc-plated - 0.0.388.63Power-lock connection (without machining) of two Profiles 8 that touch along their outer faces. The profiles can also run in parallel over a certain distance.
Both profiles can be moved in the direction of the groove.
The Direct-Fastening Set is particularly suitable for connecting the profiles of ball-bush block guides with other profiles, so that the profiles can be moved and no machining is required.
Note: Where anodized surfaces are to be fitted together, we recommend greasing the contact points. This minimizes the level of noise generated.