• Self-damping: Approx. 15%
  • Natural frequency: 20-25 Hz
  • Resonance ratio: Approx. 3.3
  • Static load Fstat: 2,000 N
  • Max. dynamic pressure loading Fdyn: 10,000 N

Anti-Vibration Insert D80, stainless - 0.0.458.93

The Anti-Vibration Insert can be inserted into Knuckle Foot D80 to absorb shocks and vibrations by internal friction.
The material is resistant to aging and corrosion as well as to oils, greases, acids and solvents.

Using the Anti-Vibration Insert in Knuckle Foot D80 stainless enables electrostatic charge to be discharged through it.

The effective height (h) when not under load is 9 mm.
The value of h decreases by the spring distance a as a function of the force F.