The Drilling Unit is a profile machining jig. It is secured directly to the profile being machined and is therefore particularly easy to use on existing profile constructions.
The profile Drilling Unit can be used to drill through holes for Standard Connections, tap the profile ends for Standard Connections and produce stepped bores for Universal Connections in Profiles 5, 6 and 8.
A special adapter set is required for each Line.
In addition, the profiles can also be drilled for various other applications.
The Drilling Stand is attached with ease to the profile grooves by means of a clamp attachment with eccentric clamping lever.
The drill is advanced by means of a hand wheel.
A compression spring is fitted to facilitate the return stroke. The drilling depth can be limited by means of an adjustable depth limit stop.
To tap into the profile core bores, an Angle Bracket is secured to the Adapter Plate which is used to arrange the Drilling Unit on the profile’s end face.

Drilling Unit, Drilling Stand - 0.0.465.88

  • Notes on Use and Installation