• Clamping profile Al, natural
  • Clamping elements, St, stainless
  • Locking strips, St, stainless
  • Hex. Socket Head Cap Screw M6x25, St, bright zinc-plated

Click-Fastening Set 8 - 0.0.489.79

Click-Fastening Set 8 provides a power-lock connection between two Profiles 8 that cross at any angle or run in parallel. The rotatable fastener engages in the profile grooves on both sides so that the unit can be moved along both grooves and can be rotated to suit any angle between the profiles.
Click-Fastening Set 8 is available in two versions: as a connection between the groove sides of two Profiles 8 (spaced 20 mm apart) or as a 90° variant for connecting the end face of a Profile 8 40×40 at any angle of rotation to a profile groove at an angle of 90°.