The Double Pivot Arm 8 695 from item – for double the reach and maximum flexibility!
Two arms are connected via a Standard Swivel Joint so that users can move the arm closer to them or further away. The stable End Swivel Joint is designed for connection to Line 8 profiles. The Double Pivot Arm can reach approximately 695 mm and carry a maximum vertical load of 80 N.
Double Pivot Arm 8 695 should only be fitted to vertical profile grooves.
Double Pivot Arm 8 695 - 0.0.631.19

  • Profiles 8 40×40 3N light
  • End Swivel Joint
  • Standard Swivel Joint
  • Double Swivel Joint
  • Connecting cover, PA, grey
  • 3 Connecting Plates, Al, natural
  • Button-Head Screw M8x22, St, bright zinc-plated
  • Notes on Use and Installation
  • Fmax. = 80 N