• 2 inside corners, lid, PA-GF
  • 2 cut edge coverings, PA-GF

Conduit Inside Corner, Lid, black - 0.0.632.93

Safe cornering! It’s just as important to cable conduits as it is on the roads.
The Conduit Inside Corners for modular cable conduits improve the reliability of cable laying in three ways:
– By preventing kinks in cables and hoses
– By covering cut edges inside the conduit to protect cables
– By creating a smooth transition between Wall Profiles and Support Profiles to protect hands
The Conduit Inside Corner sets for lids and walls include all the components needed to create a corner in a conduit with a wall or lid measuring 40 mm.
Filler Pieces measuring 40 mm wide are used to extend the height or width of inside corners. As a result, modular conduits up to 160 mm can be fitted with Conduit Inside Corners.