The Spiral Hose looks neat and stops you stepping on your hose at the work bench. At 170 mm, the compressed-air line takes up little space in its non-extended state, but can easily be pulled out to the ideal length. The default height of the tool can be adjusted as required. Quick-action couplings at the ends of the hose ensure the system can be connected up in next to no time.
The Spiral Hose is perfect for use with item Tool Balancers (0.0.631.84, 0.0.636.48 and 0.0.649.96) and makes work with pneumatic tools particularly straightforward and convenient.

Spiral Hose for Tool Balancers 2 x D10 mm - 0.0.650.67

  • Spiral hose D10, PA 12, grey
  • 2 quick-action couplings D10
  • Fastening elements
  • Notes on Use and Installation