Never again cut slanting edges –
Multi-Purpose Pliers with 90° Stop can cut through rubber, plastic and even thin aluminum profiles. The integrated stop makes it easier to cut products to length at a right angle. As a result, there is usually no need to mark a cutting line. To keep edges perfect, the lateral support and anvil stop soft materials bending.
The blade is longer than on conventional multi-purpose pliers. Together with the long, sheathed grip, this ensures that a great deal of force can be applied to cut through strong materials.

Multi-Purpose Pliers with 90° Stop - 0.0.662.33

  • Scissor body, steel sheet, bright nickel-plated
  • Blade, special steel
  • Anvil, light metal
  • Stop, St, bright zinc-plated
  • Grip, plastic sheathed, with non-slip design