The Tray Pivot Arm allows users to perfectly position a versatile storage surface for crates, work pieces or tools.
Due to its three axes, Tray Double Pivot Arm 8 80-695 has a wide radius of action and can be positioned with great flexibility. Maximum load-carrying capacity is 25 kg.
Tray Pivot Arm 8 80-370 can carry a total load weighing up to as much as 40 kg.
The all-round edging made of aluminum profile provides a secure hold, even when the tray (usable surface: 410×310 mm) is tilted using the series-standard angle adjustment mechanism. Contents are always in easy view and can be picked and returned to the highest ergonomic standards.

Tray Double Pivot Arm 8 80-695 - 0.0.663.13

  • Pivot Arm 8 80-695 with height-adjustment mechanism
  • Tray 4×3 ESD