Double the connectivity – Profile Tube D30 with an integrated Line 8 groove. The special geometry supports the connection of Fasteners D30 on three sides. A Line 8 groove is open to enable connection of components from the MB Building Kit System and the item Work Bench System.
Profile Tube 8 D30, natural - 0.0.663.94
Profile Tube 8 D30 thus saves on installation space and storage costs because components in the MB Building Kit System and Work Bench System can be fastened to it without the need for an adapter. That makes it easier than ever to utilize accessories from all three building kit systems in a single frame.
Among other things, Profile Tube 8 D30 is ideal for adding elements such as Grab Containers 8 105×130 (0.0.664.35) and Tray Stop Profile 8 50×10 (0.0.664.31) to a trolley or rack built using D30 profiles.
Note: Profile 6 D30 is available for connecting accessories that utilize a Line 6 groove.