ergologistic® Grab Containers 8 105×130 support rapid material supply and ergonomics at the work bench thanks to simple sorting, easy access and perfect positioning in the ideal handling area. Located in front of semi-open fronted boxes or crates with stacking edges, they create a convenient sorting area. Thanks to the optimized shape of the removal edge and the ergonomic design of the container bottom, it is much easier for operators to separate out and pick very small parts.
Due to an integrated mounting system, Grab Containers can be easily installed on, and removed from, any Tray Stop Profile 8 50×10 (0.0.664.34), Supply Profile 8 180×50 (0.0.664.51) or horizontal Line 8 groove.
ergologistic® Grab Containers 8 105x130

They can be removed if necessary and – when fitted with non-slip Buffers D11x5 sa – positioned in even closer reach on the working surface.
There is also an ESD-safe version for use in areas where such functionality is required.
The clearly visible labelling field ensures personnel can quickly and clearly identify contents.
Compared to conventional methods that involve unnecessary movements and thus waste time, this picking concept demonstrably improves cycle times and therefore productivity.