.Automatic Angle Bracket Cap 8 40x40, black similar to RAL 9005 - 0.0.669.89
The item Automatic Angle Bracket Set is the fastest profile fastener. Because everything is preassembled and all users have to do is tighten the screws, structures can be put together in next to no time. Automatic Angle Bracket Cap 8 is just as easy to fit – and to remove again, if required.
This ingenious accessory for keeping out dust and dirt can be pushed into place by hand and removed with ease using a screwdriver. Whether for a few days or for years, Automatic Angle Bracket Cap 8 keeps things clean and tidy.
They can also be used with Angle Bracket Set 8 40×40 PA (0.0.647.03) and Angle Bracket Set 8 80×80 PA (0.0.647.03).

Automatic Angle Bracket Cap