The best protection under all conditions:
The stainless steel ESD Drag Chain dissipates electrostatic charges on item SystemMobiles and mobile racks, for example, by maintaining permanent contact with the ESD-safe floor.

The Drag Chain cleans itself while on the move, so that it can be relied on to do its job even in dusty working environments.
This eliminates the high level of maintenance work that has to be carried out when relying solely on electrostatically dissipative castors, which require regular cleaning.

The ESD Drag Chain is compatible with Line 6 and 8 profiles.

ESD Drag Chain - 0.0.671.88

  • Round steel chain DIN 766, with short links
  • Dome-head screw ISO 7380-M5x12
  • T-Slot Nut F 8 St M5
  • T-Slot Nut F 6 St M5