Make sure everything is perfectly lined up in no time.
The item Circular Spirit Level makes light work of checking the horizontal position of profiles and tables. When using mobile workstations in particular, it offers an incredibly convenient way to check that knuckle feet have been correctly adjusted for height compensation. The Circular Spirit Level is screwed into the groove on a profile, so that personnel using mobile equipment don’t need to carry an additional spirit level with them.

Circular Spirit Level 8 D20 - 0.0.672.96

  • Circular Spirit Level D20x14 M5, natural
  • T-Slot Nut V 8 St M5, bright zinc-plated
  • Grub screw DIN913 M5x16, St, bright zinc-plated

N.B.: Spirit levels are so called because the liquid inside them is usually a spirit or alcohol, which is less prone to freezing than water, which could break the glass vessel as it cools and expands.