The robust roller conveyor for all scenarios.
Thanks to its wide rollers and low roller diameter, Roller Conveyor St 60×24 D15 is compatible with most installation scenarios and sensitive transported goods – even crates and goods with awkward bases. Due to its very low installation height, this roller conveyor can also be used for side guidance and installed at any angle.
Fixing it to a frame couldn’t be easier: Roller Conveyor 60 Fastening Bracket D30 is fitted to the start and end of a roller conveyor and used to hang the conveyor on a frame. Roller Conveyor 60 Fastening Bracket D30 with Stop H43 is used as a stop at the end of a Roller Conveyor St 60.
Fastening Profile D30-60 extends the capabilities of Roller Conveyor St 60. It enables the connection of a side guide, makes the roller conveyor more rigid and provides the contour of a Profile D30 on the underside to support additional connection options.
Roller Conveyor St 60 is supplied preassembled and in the desired length.

Roller Conveyor St 60x24 D15 - 0.0.673.74

  • St, bright zinc-plated
  • Rollers PP, grey
  • Axles St, bright zinc-plated