Depending on the application in question, Synthetic Fibre Cable D3 or Steel Cable D3 sheathed is ideal for mechanically linking the actuation and triggering of a Karakuri/LCA solution. Cable End Link D12-34 enables you to extend and connect cables and accessories.

Cables often need to be redirected to create compact constructions. The Cable Pulley Wheel D42/D6-12 offers simple and secure guidance for cables. This high-quality, ball-bearing pulley can be screwed directly to the profile with or without Spacer Bushings. The bracket plate included in the scope of supply stops the cable from springing out of the pulley.

Steel cables can be connected using Wire Cable Clamp D3 M4x10, which can be released to allow fine adjustment.

Steel Cable D3 sheathed, transparent - 0.0.675.05