For no-fuss panel fixing!
To make it easier to assemble panels, Panel-Fixing Strip D30 comprises two parts. The main element of the Panel-Fixing Strip is clipped onto the Profile Tube D30. The panel element is then easily inserted into position. Panel-Fixing Strip D30 1-4mm is then pressed in at the side as the second element. The rattle-free panel fixing is then complete!
Panel-Fixing Strip D30 creates an all-round, virtually sealed fixing for panels in a thickness between 1 and 4 mm. The plastic prevents direct contact between the panel elements and the supporting profile. This helps to lower noise levels.
The Panel-Fixing Strips can be cut to size using the item Multi-Purpose Pliers.
The first time they are used, Panel-Fixing Strip D30 and Panel-Fixing Strip D30 1-4mm should be ordered together in identical quantities. They can then be ordered separately as spare parts.

Panel-Fixing Strip D30 1-4mm, grey similar to RAL 7042- 0.0.681.63