Take the shock out of impacts!
Protect moving assemblies by diminishing kinetic energy with Shock Absorber D30-110 15, adjustable.
The solution brings hatches or lifts in Karakuri/LCA applications safely to a stop before they hit their limit stop, thereby reducing strain on the frame.
The Shock Absorber ensures that actions in mechanical automation systems terminate at their end position so that transitions between individual steps run smoothly. This boosts process reliability and also eases the strain on all the parts involved.
The Shock Absorber is supplied preassembled and is housed within a Profile Tube D30 heavy duty. As a result, it can be mounted in place using fasteners from the Lean Production Building Kit System. Its damping action is set by using a screwdriver to adjust a mechanism at the end of the Shock Absorber.
The maximum damping travel is 15 mm. Thanks to the fine thread and the counter nut, positioning can also be adjusted accurately once the product has been mounted to a frame.
The oil-filled Shock Absorber is maintenance-free.

Shock Absorber D30-110 15, adjustable - 0.0.683.68

  • Shock Absorber M20x1.5-110 15
  • Profile Tube D30 heavy duty, Al, anodized