More hold and less hassle! item Angle Fasteners are used to make 45° struts in next to no time. Simply screw an Angle Fastener to the core bore on each end of a profile and then attach to the frame – no mitre cuts required. The fasteners can also be retrofitted.
item Angle Fasteners are ideal for building trusses, diagonal struts and for adding rigidity to frames.

  • Angle Fastener 8 Zn, die-cast zinc, RAL 9006, white aluminum
  • 4 Button-Head Screws ISO 7380-M8x18, St, bright zinc-plated
  • 4 washers DIN 125-8.4, St, bright zinc-plated
  • 2 T-Slot Nuts 8 St M8, bright zinc-plated
  • a = 87.0 mm
  • b = 8.5 mm

Angle Fastener 8 80x40-45°/40 - 0.0.688.70