You can’t get more customized than this!
The combination of Tool-panel, (Double) Pivot Arm and Height Adjuster offers maximum freedom for organizing tools and work benches.
A total of 19 system grooves on the front and back of the 540mm-wide Groove Plate Profile provide plenty of space for arranging Hooks, Holders, Parts Containers, etc.
The item Tool-panel System has won the 2018 Red Dot Award for Product Design.
The Groove Plate Profile can be used on both sides and can be turned 360° on the Pivot Arm, meaning the two sides can be also be used interchangeably. For example, the front and rear could each be kitted out with tools for a specific task. Thanks to the integrated Height Adjuster, the Pivot Arm can also be moved up and down to ensure tools are always available at an ergonomic working height for the current user.

Toolpanel Double Pivot Arm 8 695 - 0.0.690.37

  • Double Pivot Arm 8 695 with Height Adjuster
  • Profile 8 40×40 E
  • Groove Plate Profile 8 400×14
  • Fastening materials

Fmax. = 140 N