The perfect way to get hands-on!
Handle D30-300 comes with everything you need to fit a standard-compliant handle to a transport trolley made from Profile Tubes D30 in next to no time.
The set includes two Parallel Clamps D30-80 and a 360mm-long Tube KH D30x11.6. The Tube is made from a 70 percent wood composite material that is more pleasant to handle than metal.
The length and arrangement of the Handle have been designed to ensure compliance with the DIN EN 1757-3 standard for manually operated industrial trucks and trolleys. The parallel clamping arrangement automatically positions the Handle with a slight offset to the inside. This creates a gap from the outside that ensures the user’s hands aren’t injured while moving the trolley along walls, for example. The Handle must be fastened to a Profile Tube D30 or Profile Tube D30 heavy duty because the grooves are responsible for ensuring the correct alignment and stop the grip twisting around. The integrated anti-torsion feature can also be removed, if required.
Handle D30-300 can be fastened to vertical or horizontal Profile Tubes D30. To make these Profile Tubes even more resistant to twisting during operation, it is advisable to use Fastener D30 T1, which features an especially robust aluminum anti-torsion feature.
Note: If the application in question requires a metal grip, a Tube D30 can be used.

Handle D30 KH 300 - 0.0.690.98

  • 2 Parallel Clamps D30-80
  • Tube KH D30x11.6, 360 mm, anthracite
  • 2 Caps KH D30, black