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Manual Trigger D30 and Bowden Cable D1.5 are ideal for actuating assemblies and functional units in Karakuri/LCA solutions.
For example, pulling the lever can release locks or actuate hatches. The complete system includes all necessary parts.
Manual Trigger D30 comprises a lever that is already fitted to a Profile Tube D30 heavy duty, meaning it can be very easily fixed wherever needed on a frame. Adjusting Screw D5/D3-M6x30 can also be used to set the actuation point with outstanding precision and change it later on.

Manual Trigger D30 - 0.0.691.93

  • Profile Tube D30 heavy duty, Al, anodized
  • Grip D22.2, TPE
  • Trigger lever D22.2, Al
  • Cap, Profile Tube D30 heavy duty, grey, PA
  • Cable Barrel Clamp D7/D2-7 M4, St, bright zinc-plated
  • End Cap D6/D5-12, CuZn