A smart solution for safe stability!
Stand Foot Set 8 St 160×160 combines optimum protection with a compact design and is ideal for use with freestanding enclosures and guards. It enables a cost-effective and robust floor fixing while also supporting a range of safety concepts.
Profiles 8 80×40 or Profiles 8 40×40 are used as the stand profiles, or posts, for protective enclosures and guards. These profiles are fastened to the stand foot by screwing the fixings supplied in the Stand Foot Set into the grooves of the profiles. Two Screw Anchors ST 10×110, bright zinc-plated (0.0.688.05) are the ideal fixings for anchoring the entire construction to the floor.

Stand Foot Set 8 St 160x160 - 0.0.699.95

  • Stand foot 8 160×160, St, bright zinc-plated
  • 8 T-Slot Nuts 8 St M8, bright zinc-plated
  • 8 Button-Head Screws ISO 7380 M8x18, St, bright zinc-plated
  • 8 washers 24×9.3×2-200HV, bright zinc-plated