The Tube Adapter turns a smooth Tube D30 into a Profile Tube! Simply fit it around the Tube and you’re ready to fit a D30 fastener. The Fastener clamps the Tube Adapter, creating exceptional torsion and slip protection.
Suitable for connecting up to four Fasteners to a single Tube at the same height.
The optional Cap securely covers any connection points on the Tube Adapter D30 that are not required. Up to three Caps can be fitted to each Tube Adapter D30.
Tube Adapter D30 also allows connections to be made to Profiles 6 D30 at any angle.

Tube Adapter D30 - 0.0.630.61
A Fastener D30 clamps Tube Adapter D30 on the Tube. Up to 4 fastening elements can be connected to one Tube Adapter D30.