Cut to size, slot into place, tighten and you’re good to go!
Thanks to its robust design, item Roller Conveyor St D30 forms the basis of many applications. It is supplied ready for installation. The roller conveyor profile made from sheet steel can also be cut to size with ease. A large selection of fastening brackets paves the way for conveyor lines in a whole host of installation scenarios and at any angle you can think of.
Roller Conveyor St D30 uses smooth-running roller elements on steel axles for a long service life. Depending on how smoothly the line needs to run, users can choose between Roller Conveyor St D30 (with or without flanged wheel) and Roller Conveyor St D30/2 (half the axle spacing).
Things that would scratch or damage standard roller elements can usually be transported directly on Roller Conveyor St D30 with Steel Tyres, without first having to be placed in a container. Thanks to their steel covering, the roller elements in this conveyor are resistant to metallic and sharp-edged components.

Roller Conveyor St D30/2 ESD, black similar to RAL 9005 - 0.0.648.95

  • St, bright zinc-plated
  • Castors, PP, grey
  • Axles St, bright zinc-plated