More safety when moving goods and materials! Back Stops make sure that crates and goods move in only one direction on roller conveyors. They also ensure that inertial forces don’t cause loads to slip off trolleys when they are being moved. What’s more, they stop users accidentally pushing goods out the back of a rack when manually loading more goods at the front. Back Stops are a recommended addition for any roller conveyor that utilises automated loading and picking mechanisms and for mobile racks and frames.

  • Back Stop, PA, grey
  • Axle, St, stainless

Back Stop D2.8-25 - 0.0.666.67

The Back Stop is simply clipped into place instead of a roller element. This means it is extremely easy to retrofit to a Roller Conveyor 6 40×40 E D30. Back Stop D2.8-25 has been specifically designed for item roller conveyors with steel rails.