The insert for controlling speed on the roller conveyor!
Since containers and goods glide over a roller conveyor at high speed, it can sometimes be necessary to intervene at specific points to prevent heavy impacts and thus reduce strain on the frame and the transported goods.
Braking Castor D30-23 regulates speed on the rigid aluminum Roller Conveyor 6 40×40 E D30. When objects are moving slowly, the mechanical system has a lower braking effect. Braking Castors keep things moving at a consistent speed, even on steep gradients and when working with heavy objects.
While a roller conveyor brake is fitted at the end of the line, Braking Castors are spread out along the entire length of a roller conveyor. There are two benefits to this: Firstly, it is an effective way to stop transported goods from building up too much speed. Secondly, it does not compromise automatic unloading on a FIFO rack or Karakuri/LCA solution, because queued transport goods can be easily set in motion again.
The item Braking Castor can also be retrofitted to an existing conveyor line without needing any special tools, making it easy to install it in the optimum position for the relevant application. It is also just as easy to change the position of the Braking Castor or replace it.

Braking Castor D30-23, grey similar to RAL 7042 - 0.0.670.90

  • PA/TPE
  • 4 Dowel Pins 6×20, St, bright zinc-plated