Laying cables and hoses really can be a quick and easy job!
Cable Guide Profile D30 clips onto Profile Tube D30 with no need for drilling. A pair of cutting pliers such as item Multi-Purpose Pliers ( are all that is required to cut the profile to size.
Cables and lines can be routed neatly through two separate conduits. Getting the cables back out couldn’t be simpler – just use your fingernail to break through the top of the profile. The two flexible lid sections give way at any point to provide an opening, but still envelop the cable to keep dust and dirt out of the conduit.
Cables can even be laid around corners by pushing Cable Guide Profiles up against each other. In doing so, the clip geometry on the underside must be cut off with pliers so that the conduit can fit over the Fastener D30.

Cable Guide Profile D30, grey similar to RAL 7042 - 0.0.664.72